I’ve become more confident about playing Rambunctious Dad, now that V. is stronger and more robust. She definitely enjoys playing ‘aeroplanes’: being held aloft under the armpits as though she is flying. Although, I’m not throwing her up in the air, a bit of up and down movement gets a big grin from her. Sometimes the odd squeak of enjoyment.

I have no idea if this type of play helps with her development or in learning anything. But it’s fun for both of us. It’s nice for me to give her a sense of floating around, weightless. Sometimes I add a jet engine noise to her ‘flights’ so she can pretend to be Ironman. But that’s probably for my own amusement.

If I’m lying on my back at the time, I will rest her body along my forearms, just to make it more comfortable for her. And when I’m standing, I remember to pull in my abdominals as V. is lifted above my head. To support the low back from the long lever I’ve created with my arms. A habit from my fitness training.

A word of warning: when your daughter is held aloft, and you’re looking up at her, keep your mouth closed. Particularly when she’s drooling. Some of that drool might come out of her mouth, forming a long drip of spittle that breaks off and falls into your own mouth. I’m just saying, you might not want that to happen.

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