Laundry tubs are bags of fun

With the reusable nappies firmly part of our daily lives,

With a growing baby’s wardrobe plus continuous resuable nappy use, laundry has rather taken over the flat. And my laundry skills have been lacking. Once in a while we’ve find ourselves without muslin cloths or a baby towel for bath time or an insert for one of the nappies or any underwear for the grownups.

Buying more linen and clothes isn’t advisable. Knowing myself and F., we’ll just end up with larger piles of laundry.

So at Christmas, my wife gave me a set of plastic tubs in a variety of colours. You know the kind: flexible ones that seem to be on every building site nowadays. I already have one for our tiny roof garden. Now I have a set to help organise the laundry. They’re tough, but very light, flexible (for shoving into corners), wipeable and stackable.

The first step was to colour code the tubs. There is therefore no need to sort out a laundry load in front of the washing machine. It’s all in one tub. The other advantage is that it becomes very easy to see what type of washing is building up and therefore ought to take priority. The nappies have their own zippable bag which essential to keep the smell in until they are washed. Everything thing goes in a tub.

I’m now working on a laundry schedule. My aim is to cut down the number of washes we do on the week and to maximise exactly what goes into each wash.

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