Using a baby list of things

My wife and I are inveterate makers of to-do lists. We’re better at making to-do lists than actually completing them. Up till now this has been a hobby. Now, though, after 5 months, baby brain has left us unable to even remember something as obvious as packing a clean nappy in the nappy bag.

So our lists have finally come in handy. It takes thinking out of the equation and we fret less that we’ve forgotten something essential or otherwise.

Here’s our top three list of the lists that are proving most valuable to date:

• 1st breastfeed of the day – allows us to arrange the nursery with nappy change items, cloths, glass of water, cue up an audiobook on the mobile phone et al

• Nappy bag essentials – our bag contains 26 separate items. Pointless trying to remember them all.

• Weekly Domestic chores – spreading out the chores over the week

These lists are printed up and posted up on the nursery wall, next to the front door and in the kitchen.

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